First Performance -- Washington Street UMC, Columbia

On September 10th, 2006, a number of the members of the group performed as part of the Sunday Services at Washington Street Methodist in downtown Columbia. The service was a celebration of the 50 years that Ralph Rozier has been the organist there and our contribution was performing a 4-part arrangement of Wagner's "Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral" with organ accompaniment.

In our two on-site rehearsals with Ralph, we were told we were playing too loud and were overblowing the organ by the end. While this, of course, is something of a 'good thing' to most trombonists, we did learn to turn it down a notch to accomodate. It seems that the problem stemmed from the fact that we were facing directly toward the congregation while the organ pipes bellowed right above our heads in the choir loft. However, on Sunday morning, we were told we would need to let it all out as the organ was going to open all stops because with the expected full house of people, much sound would be absorbed. I'm still not sure if they knew what they were asking for, but I swear that at least 3 women in the front pew had their hair blown back by the time we reached the triple-forte at the end! It sent chills up our spines. No official word has been received yet if there were any actual casualties.

(click on each picture for a full-size view)

Going through a final rundown and trying to compete with those massive pipes over our heads. What a great sound we achieved.

What a handsome group!

"They" say never to have your picture taken with a drink in your hands. I wonder what they say about trombones.

OK, let's take it from letter 'J' to the end one more time.

Concert F anybody?

It's gotta be the shoes!